FEINSearch.com is the nation's premier online portal for EIN and Tax ID data. Our massive and ever-growing EIN database currently has over 12 million tax ids records available. These records are compiled from numerous U.S. government, state and private resources. This allows us to provide deep coverage and in-depth reports to help you find the EIN data you are looking for.
“Simply the most powerful EIN database we have come across. We save hundreds of hours each month finding EIN Numbers. We also manage risk by scanning all our clients through their Tax Lien and Bankruptcy Database. Thanks again. ”

Barton J.
Risk Manager, GEICO Insurance
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Many major US corporations and goverment agencies use FEINSearch.com for their everyday business needs. We have special customized plans and multiuser licenses availble for corporate clients with high volume search needs. Our unique "EIN Batch-Match" service automates the search process. For more on our customized search services please click here.

2008 Tax Season Special

The Tax Season Special is a best value plan designed especially for CPAs and accounting firms as tax season approaches. Search millions of records to locate and verify EINs in seconds. Get a 3 month access pass with 1200 searches included for just $249!

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Full Featured Search Options
  • Search companies by full or partial company name, city, state or zip
  • Search by phone number
  • Search by EIN to find the associated company or organization
  • View company information with full address and Tax ID Number
Applications & Uses
  • Verify Corporate Ownership, Business Details, Location, SIC, Phone, Description and Much More ....
  • Locate and verify TAX ID Numbers for W-9 forms, Account Applications or Customs Forms
  • Confirm whether the entity has been subject to an IRS Federal Tax Lien
  • Ensure you have the Tax IDs of the companies you do business with as required on many US Federal and State Government forms
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Service - "Know Your Customer"
  • USA PATRIOT Act compliance
  • Charitable IRS 990 Registered 501(c)3 Entity Verification
  • One-year warranty on all major repairs
Benefits to your business
  • Financial planners and accountants need correct EINs in order to target prospects for pension and retirement planning.
  • Importers, exporters as well as shipping and packaging companies need EINs and Tax IDs in order to comply with the 2004 requirements for this data from all US entities receiving shipments from abroad.
  • Quick access to accurate EIN data is vital to the operation of state and federal contracting officers, corporate investigators, compliance agents and law enforcement agencies.
  • Manage risk through identification of tax liens and business bankruptcy filings
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